Heidi + Robert Mertens

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Heidi Mertens / Robert Mertens

Photo: Christian Jungwirth | Editing: Robert Mertens

Heidi and Robert Mertens work together on various artistic projects. For the Salzburger Festspiele 2015, for example, they created abstract collages – reminiscent of painted dream worlds – for the program catalogue. In 2016, an exhibition entitled »Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten / Boards that Signify the World« in cooperation with the Leica Gallery showed photographs taken behind the scenes of the Salzburg Festival at the Festspielhaus in Salzburg. Most recently, their works were presented in the Leica Galerie Zingst (2017/2018) under the title »Das andere Sehen / A different vision«. These pictures show an imaginative view of abstract photography.

Their enthusiasm for combining creativity and photography is evident in the three books »Der kreative Fotograf« (2018), »Der eigene Blick« (2015) and »Kreative Fotopraxis« (2011), all published by Rheinwerk Verlag. Since 2007, Robert has also regularly led workshops, seminars and training sessions on creativity and photography, including for the Leica Academy MasterClass in Wetzlar.

Further artistic projects and exhibitions are planned. Heidi and Robert Mertens live and work mainly in Graz (Austria).